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Business & Office
  Database;  E-Commerce;  Office Suites;  Project Management;  Reports & Forms;  Spreadsheet;  Tax Preparation;  Training & Tutorials;  Word Processing; 
 Business Accounting  Accounting;  Check Printing;  Payroll;  Other;
 Career & Management  Job Seeking;  Management;  Starting & Improving Your Business;  Other;
 Communication  Fax;  Instant Messaging;  Internet Phone;  Voice Recognition;  Web Browsers;
 E-mail  Email Clients;  Email Servers;  Security & Filtering;  Other;
 Remote Access  Access While on the Road;  Checkup;  Other;
 Terminal Emulations  Other;
 Linux & Unix  General;  X-Windows;
 Macintosh  General;
 Windows 3.x  General;  X-Windows;
 Windows 95, 98, ME  General;  X-Windows;
 Windows NT, 2000  General;  X-Windows;
 Document Management  Document Tracking & Inventory;  Scanning & OCR;  Other;
 Networking  File & Print Servers;  Local Area Networks;  Netware;  Network & Enterprise Management;  SAA;  Security;  TCP-IP;  Virtual Private Networks;  Other;
 Personal Finance  Investment Tools;  Money Management;  Tax Preparation;  Other;
 Presentation  General;  Flowcharts;  Marketing;
 Schedule & Contact Management  Calendars;  Organizers & Address Books;  Phone Books On Disc;  Other;
Children's Software
  Activities;  Art & Creativity;  Early Learning;  Foreign Language;  Grade Specific;  Interactive Books;  Kids' Hardware;  Math;  Reading & Language;  Reference;  Science & Nature;  Social Studies;  Software for Girls;  Thinking & Problem Solving;  Virtual Pets; 
 Education Brands  Achieve!;  ClueFinders;  Educator's Choice;  Encarta;  I Spy;  JumpStart;  Kaplan;  Little Bear's;  Magic School Bus;  Oregon Trail;  Princeton Review;  Reader Rabbit;
 Favorite Characters  Arthur;  Backyard Sports;  Barbie;  Blue's Clues;  Carmen SanDiego;  Disney;  Dora the Explorer;  Dr. Seuss;  Fisher-Price;  Freddi Fish;  Lego;  Nancy Drew;  Pajama Sam;  PBS Kids;  Putt-Putt;  Reader Rabbit;  Rugrats;  Scholastic;  Sesame Street;  Tonka;  Wiggles;  Winnie the Pooh;
 Games  Action & Arcade;  Adventure;  Board Games;  Construction;  Puzzles & Logic;  Sports;  Other;
Education & Reference
  Arts & Culture;  Christian & Biblical Software;  Encyclopedias & Dictionaries;  Geography;  History;  Mapping;  Music Appreciation;  Science;  Script & Screenwriting;  Test Preparation;  Typing;  Writing & Literature; 
 Foreign Languages  Asian;  Cyrillic;  English;  French;  German;  Italian;  Spanish & Portuguese;  Universal Translator;  Other;
 Secondary Education  English & Grammar;  Math;  Science;  Other;
  3-D;  Animation;  CAD;  Clip Art;  Illustration;  Image Capture;  Photo Editing;  Professional Design; 
 Home Publishing  Calendars;  CD Labels;  Clip Art;  Fonts;  Greeting Cards;  Mailing Labels;  Printing & Publishing;  Other;
Home & Hobbies
  Cooking & Health;  Fashion & Beauty;  Gardening & Landscape;  Genealogy;  Hobbies;  Home Design;  Instrument Instruction;  Legal;  Mapping;  Movies & Television;  Music Appreciation;  Personal Improvement;  Script & Screenwriting; 
 Home Publishing  Calendars;  CD Labels;  Clip Art;  Fonts;  Greeting Cards;  Mailing Labels;  Printing & Publishing;  Other;
Language & Travel
  Arts & Culture;  Geography;  Mapping; 
 Foreign Language  Asian;  Cyrillic;  English;  French;  German;  Italian;  Spanish & Portuguese;  Universal Translator;  Other;
 Travel Software for Handhelds  Palm & Handspring;  Windows CE & Pocket PC;
 Business & Office  Database;  Word Processing;  Other;
 Communication Utilities  Terminal Emulations;
 Communication  Terminal Emulations;
 Graphics  3-D & Animation;  Home Publishing;  Other;
 Networking  Firewalls;  Local Area Network;  Security;  Virtual Private Network;  Other;
 Operating Systems & Utilities  Backup;  Linux OS;  Virus Protection;  Other Utilities;
 Programming  Database;  Development Utilities;  Programming Languages;
 Web Development  E-commerce;  Web Effects;  Web Page Editors;  Web Site Hosting;
  Games;  Home & Hobbies;  Programming; 
 Business & Office  Accounting;  Career & Management;  Document Management;  Office Suites;  Presentation;  Project Management;  Reports & Forms;  Schedule & Contact Management;  Spreadsheet;  Tax Preparation;  Training & Tutorials;  Word Processing;  Other Business & Productivity;
 Communication Utilities  Email;  Fax;  Remote Access;  Telephony;  Terminal Emulations;  Other;
 Children's Software  Activities;  Art & Creativity;  Early Learning;  Foreign Language;  Grade Specific;  Interactive Books;  Math;  Reading & Language;  Reference;  Science & Nature;  Thinking & Problem Solving;  Other Children's Software;
 Games  Action;  Adventure;  Board Games;  Construction;  Puzzles & Logic;  Sports;  Other;
 Communication  Email;  Fax;  Remote Access;  Telephony;  Terminal Emulations;  Other;
 Education & How-To  Encyclopedias & Dictionaries;  Foreign Languages;  Test Preparation;  Typing;  Other Education & Reference;
 Graphics  3-D;  Animation;  Clip Art;  Home Publishing;  Illustration;  Photo Editing;  Professional Design;  Other Graphics & Multimedia;
 Networking  Firewalls;  Local Area Network;  Security;  TCP-IP;  Other;
 Operating Systems & Utilities  Back-Up;  Mac OS;  Screen Savers;  System Utilities;  Virus Protection;  Other Utilities;
 Video & Music  Digital Audio;  Digital Video;
 Web Development  Email;  Internet Utilities;  Professional Development;  Web Effects;  Web Page Editors;  Web Site Hosting;
  File & Print Servers;  Local Area Networks;  Netware;  Network & Enterprise Management;  SAA;  Security;  TCP-IP;  Virtual Private Networks;  Other; 
 Firewalls  General;  Admin & Management;  Encryption;  Personal Firewalls;  VPN Products;  Other;
 Telephony  Call Center Software;  Modem Sharing;  Other;
Operating Systems
  BeOS;  DOS;  Linux & Unix;  Macintosh;  OS2; 
 Microsoft Windows  Windows 2000;  Windows 95;  Windows 98;  Windows Millennium;  Windows NT;  Windows XP;
Personal Finance
  Investment Tools;  Money Management;  Tax Preparation;  Other; 
  Training & Tutorials; 
 Database  Filemaker;  Oracle;  SQL;  Other;
 DB2  Borland Delphi;  Seagate;  SMS;  Other;
 Development Utilities  Code Testing;  Program Installation;  Other;
 Programming Languages  C & C++;  COBOL;  FORTRAN;  Java;  Visual Basic;  Other;
Software Downloads
  Business & Office;  Children's Software;  Communication;  Databases;  Entertainment;  Finance & Tax;  Graphics & Multimedia;  Internet Utilities;  Networking;  Programming;  Software for Handhelds;  Utilities;  Virus Protection;  Web Development;  Other; 
Software for Handhelds
 Palm OS  Business;  Games & Entertainment;  Sports & Fitness;  Travel;  Utilities;
 Pocket PC & Windows CE OS  Business;  Games & Entertainment;  Hobbies;  Sports & Fitness;  Travel;  Utilities;
Software in Spanish
  Backup;  Cross Platform;  File Compression & Decompression;  File Conversion;  Hardware & Memory Management;  Partitions;  PC Maintenance;  Screen Savers;  Voice Recognition;  Other; 
 Handheld Utilities  Palm & Handspring Utilities;  Windows CE & Pocket PC Utilities;
 Internet Utilities  Electronic Publishing;  Instant Messaging;  Internet Phone;  Security & Filtering;  Shared Internet;  Streaming Video;  Other;
 Virus Protection  Downloadable Protection;  Multi-User Protection;  Protection for Macs;  Protection for PCs;
Video & Music
  DVD Viewing & Authoring;  Encoding;  Instrument Instruction;  MP3 Software;  Music Appreciation;  Music Notation;  Script & Screenwriting;  Other; 
 CD Burning & Labeling  CD Burning;  CD Labeling;
 Digital Audio  MIDI;  Music Creation & Sequencing;  Sound Editing;  Sound Libraries;
 Digital Video  Compositing & Effects;  Hardware Bundles;  Video Editing;
Web Development
  E-commerce;  Linux Database;  Linux Web Page Editors;  Linux Web Site Hosting;  Macintosh Web Page Editors;  Macintosh Web Site Hosting;  Professional Development;  Web Browsers; 
 Database  Filemaker;  Oracle;  SQL;  Other;
 Internet Utilities  Electronic Publishing;  Instant Messaging;  Internet Phone;  Security & Filtering;  Shared Internet;  Streaming Video;  Other;
 Web Effects  Animation;  Objects;  Other;
 Web Page Editors  Intranet;  Tutorials;  WYSIWYG;  Other;
 Web Site Hosting  Application Servers;  Web Servers;  Website analysis;  Other;